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The Spreadsheet

I’m a planner. I always have been. That’s not to say I don’t have flexibility. But I like to know the day I’m going to what park, and what I must-dos I must do in that park. And that can range from actual rides, to cotton candy (my wife’s favorite), where we might go to eat, etc. The last thing I want is for it to be hot, wait in long lines and not be able to find or do the things we want to. Still, I do offer some flexibility. Even when I travel outside of the “kingdom” I like to have a plan. So, in comes the spreadsheet. It’s important to note, I’m a writer, creative director, and have no use for spreadsheets in my daily life. But for Disney and bills they’re amazing. I like to ensure I’ve thought of everything prior to wheels up.

So I start the spreadsheet with a few important items. First, are the days we’ll be at Disney. Second, I always have the park we’re going to. Must-do attractions, add’l attractions, dinner reservations and where we’re going to have dessert/drinks afterwards. Because when you’re in Disney you have dessert and drinks. That’s just what you do. So once I have all of the categories listed, I start filling out the spreadsheet. Park – Epcot. Must Do’s: Remi and Guardians. Add’l: Soarin’ and Test Track. Dinner – Teppan Edo. Dessert and Drinks: Food & Wine Festival. Boom! One day is taken care of. By having this loose guide, I can manage my own expectations, but also have a loose idea where to go. The thing now is with Genie+, Lightning Lane, Individual Lightning Lane, you have to be flexible. You can’t say we’re going first to Guardians, then to Mars, then Test Track. It just doesn’t work like that anymore. You have to be more fluid. Because when that 7AM wake up call hits, you may not get Guardians Individual Lightning Lane until 7 at night. That’s why I keep the schedule loose. BUT always go with a rough schedule at least. Nothing worse than eating at your resort and going…where do you want to go today? I don’t know where do you want to go? That’s precious time that you can be on rides. So always have a plan.

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